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Applicant Letter

Applicant Letter

Dear Applicant

The Greenville Police Department will conduct pre-employment testing to fill vacant Police Officer positions. These tests will include the following:

1.  Physical Agility

  • Climbing - 6' wall after a35 yard run
  • Running - total of 75 yards
  • Weight Drag - total of 50 yard run, lift
  • Balance - run a total of 25 yards, surmount a 6"x6" beam and walk the 15' length dismount and run another 25 yards
  • Pushing - push a full size police vehicle a total distance of 15' on flat ground
  • Crawling - run 25 yards, crawl through or under a 24" obstacle - run 25 yards and crawl through an open window - then run another 25 yards
  • Trigger Pull - after completing the above, you will be required to take a firearm with the strongest hand and pull the trigger 18 times, move the firearm to the weak hand and pull the trigger 12 times

All completed within 2 minutes.

2.  Physical Ability Test

  • Push ups - military type - 22 in 60 sec.
  • Sit ups - military type - 25 in 60 sec.
  • 1.5 mile run - completed in maximum 15.28 (15 minutes, 28 seconds)

3.  Written Test - test your reading and writing abilities and as a       means to measure your judgmental abilities in actual police situations

        Minimum passing score is 70%

All applicants must sign a Liability Waiver before testing as the City of Greenville will not be responsible for injuries.

If you plan to participate in the testing phase, please call Christy Brack at 334/382-7461, ext. 223 before 5:00 p.m. The mailing address is:

P.O. Box 158
Greenville, AL 36037

*Note: On test day, wear clothes suitable for phyiscal activity.


Justin Lovvorn

Chief of Police

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