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Residential Trash Collection

Residential Trash is defined as limbs, yard trimmings, leaves, pine straw, grass clippings, discarded furniture, appliances, and junk.

  1. Trash should be placed in orderly piles within six (6) feet of the curb or the edge of the street, road or highway adjacent to the residence. However, in no event shall such trash be placed or allowed to fall into the street or gutters.
  2. The roll-out container will not be emptied by the trash crews working your area. (Serviced by garbage crew on garbage days only.)
  3. Household garbage, pasteboard boxes and any and all paper products should not be placed in the pile. Trash crews will not pick them up.
  4. Schedule for trash removal one (1) time per week with the exception of Holidays and extreme weather conditions.
  5. The City of Greenville does not haul debris left by contractors, fence companies, tree trimming companies and persons, tree surgeons, pulpwood contractors, nurseries and landscape contractors.
  6. The owner of a vacant lot or unoccupied building is responsible for the removal of solid waste therefrom.
  7. Trash piles must be placed in an area clear of obstructions such as cars, mailboxes, telephone poles, guide wires, low power lines, etc.
  8. Brush, tree trunks, limbs, appliances, furniture, and miscellaneous rubbish and trash which exceeds one-half (1/2) Department truck load in volume will require special handling for curbside pick-up from residences and the following charges will be made by the City for such services:
    • Up to one Department truck load - $30.00
    • Each additional Department truck load or portion thereof, $50.00 per load or portion thereof.
    • Arrangements for this service may be made by calling the Department.
  9. *As of March 2004, electronic equipment such as TVs, VCRs, Microwaves, etc. will no longer be picked up as roadside trash. However, residents may put small electronics in their roll out container.
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