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Students Excited about NAOS

Students ‘excited' about NAOS

Kevin Pearcey

Tuesday, January 23, 2007 5:23 PM CST

The consensus among most of the students of Greenville High School attending Monday's public hearing concerning the new NAOS movie theatre was overwhelmingly positive.

GHS Principal Dr. Kathy Murphy said since news broke about the new eight-screen entertainment complex it has been the talk of the high school.

"Our young people are extremely excited about this,” she said. “One of the deficits about living in Greenville is that there has been nothing for our young people to do, but this will no longer be the case. Also, there's a safety issue to consider. Having a theatre will keep our children at home and not running up and down the Interstate to Montgomery to see a movie.”

Meghan Branum, Senior Class President at GHS, said students are “really looking forward” to the theatre. She said the incentive package offered by the city was very little in comparison to what having a movie theatre in Greenville would do for teenagers in the community.

“I think this is really going to help out our young people,” she said.

Greenville resident Carl Sellers also didn't see the incentive package as a “negative.”

“My family and I have been moviegoers all of our lives,” he said. “We went to a movie the other day to the east side of Montgomery and it is 120 miles from my house to there so I'm definitely for it.”

Ricky McLaney, Executive Director for the Butler County Commission for Economic Development, said he wished to put aside the misnomer that “inducement” and “incentive” are bad words.

“Those are words of economic development,” said McLaney.

Eugene Blyar said he was in favor of entertainment, but said he didn't feel as if the council had been given adequate information to make a good decision.

“It disturbs me at the moment,” Blyar told Mayor Dexter McLendon. “I couldn't vote for it if I was on the council.”

Dick Harmon he wasn't sure if he was for the theatre or not and said he would need more information about the proposed incentive package.

“But it seems to me like you've made up your mind already,” he told McLendon and the council.

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