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Local Infrastructure

Greenville is approximately 40 miles south of the new Hyundai facility. It is connected by Interstate 65.

Mac Crenshaw Memorial Airport

The City of Greenville has 5,500' of runway at the Mac Crenshaw Memorial Airport. This will allow corporate jets to land.

Utilities and Services

Public Water: Yes
Cost per 1000 gallons: $14.16 for first 2000 gallons
Public Sewer: Yes
Approximate percent of community with sewage service: 100%
Cost of Sewage Service: $14.82 minimum
Electricity, Cost per 1000kwh: $51.00
Garbage Service Cost: $12.00
Number of Pick ups per Week: 1
Cost for Basic Cable TV Service: $29.00
Number of Channels: 68
Percent of community coverage: 100%

General Location and Transportation
(from http://www.alabamaadvantage.com/Greenville.html)

Commercial Airline: No
Nearest Regional Airport: Montgomery Dannelly Field
    Distance to: 40 miles
Interstate Highways:  Yes I-65
    If no, then distance to interstate highways: 
Four Lane Highways: No
State Highways: Hwy 31, 10, 185, 245

Distance to...
    Atlanta: 209 miles
    Birmingham: 135 miles
    Mobile: 125 miles
    Nashville: 300 miles
    Nearest Coastal City (Name/Distance):  Mobile - 125 miles
Public Transportation: No

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